The AFCA is excited to announce that the Core Competency Framework and Risk Assessment Tool will be built as an online resource! While the original vision was to create a core competency manual, the AFCA Board and Core Competency Committee have approved the tool and framework to be built as an interactive web application available through the website. This change was approved to allow for easier access to the information and a more user-friendly risk assessment tool.

Transitional Solutions Inc. and the AFCA Core Competency Committee are currently in the process of finalizing the core competencies based on your input and best practices in Alberta and across Canada. Initial development of the web application is also underway. Once complete, beta testing of the online risk assessment tool will begin, with the tool launched to the AFCA membership in late May.

Stay tuned on the AFCA Instagram and Facebook pages for all the updates and some great photos from our road tour in the fall!