Alberta Fire Services Core Competency Framework

Alberta Fire Services Toolkit

Community Planning and Emergency Response



The AFCA initiated the “Alberta Fire Services Toolkit – Community Planning and Emergency Response” and contracted Transitional Solutions Inc. (TSI) to support Alberta’s Fire Services.



In-person, telephone & web-based surveys of Fire Services in communities of less than 20,000 were completed by TSI & Banister Research.


Guidance Framework

Survey data was used to develop a framework of recommendations for service levels and training standards in Alberta.



The Toolkit was presented at the AFCA Annual General Meeting and the Canadian Fire Chiefs Association’s annual Fire-Rescue Canada Stakeholder Event in Calgary, AB.



The Tool was showcased to AUMA. The Tool itself also went through two new iterations to make it even more powerful for the Fire Service. Feedback from end-users was incorporated into the Tool, including:

  • The ability to print three different reports (Community Risk Profile, Customized Level of Service and Service Competencies)
  • Executive summaries
  • Extended services redefined
  • “How to” Webinar
  • Updates to OHS

Council Packages

Council Packages were added as an additional resource for Fire Chiefs to utilize in their Risk Management Framework.

Your Feedback Matters!

The Tool is continuously updated to stay current with legislation and industry best practices. User feedback drives innovation within the Tool.

Risk Management Framework

Have you completed your Community Risk Assessment? Is it time to review and update your current Risk Assessment? As part of the Risk Management Framework, regular reviews are critical to change management, ensuring continuous improvement.