Project Overview

In July 2018, the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association (AFCA) initiated a “Alberta Fire Services Toolkit – Planning and Emergency Response” project to support Alberta’s Fire Services.

As part of this project, the AFCA, through their consultant Transitional Solutions Inc. (TSI), will engage all fire departments in communities of less than 20,000 people to understand the current levels of fire service in the Province.

TSI, along with their partner Banister Research, will be reaching out to get feedback from you, the Fire Chiefs and Training Officers of Alberta, through either an in-person, telephone or web-based survey.

Through these interviews and engagement efforts, we will be able to compile important information regarding Alberta’s Fire Services. This information will be used to develop a guidance framework with recommendations for service levels and training standards in Alberta. The final document will be presented to the AFCA membership at the AGM in May 2019.

Your support is vital to producing a guidance framework that not only provides an accurate picture of Alberta’s Fire Services today but prepares them for the emergencies of tomorrow!



Capture the present levels of service in municipalities of less than 20,000 people.

Understand the current challenges in fire service delivery.

Outline how levels of service are defined and how departments staff and train to meet the service commitment.

Determine if training levels are meeting or exceeding the actual need and if there are challenges in delivering training.




Department Profile


Fire Department Organization

Level of Service and Budget

Standard Operating Guidelines

Training and Certification

Apparatus and Equipment